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Socialism 2020 

Socialism 2020 is sponsored by Haymarket Books, Jacobin, and the Democratic Socialists of America.

The Socialism conference is a center of political education rooted in ideas, perspectives, and strategic discussion. Our purpose is to provide a forum for addressing not just the “how,” but especially the “what” and “why” of left politics and social movements. Although each session at the conference is different, here are some general guidelines to help you formulate a proposal:

  • We encourage conference sessions that take up theoretical or strategic questions, the history of socialism and social movements, as well as the politics of current campaigns and projects. Please refer to our mission statement for more on the aims of the conference.
  • A typical session consists of speaker(s) presenting for 30 minutes, followed by an hour of discussion and debate from the room (not just questions), and ending with a short, 5-minute wrap-up by the speaker(s) that engages the themes of the discussion.
  • Other formats for a session are also welcome. These could include interactive workshops, formal debates, and more.
  • Talks should generally be aimed at a popular audience, not overly academic, and relevant to issues of social movement strategy, debates on the left, socialist theory and history, or ongoing campaigns.
  • We encourage sessions with one to three speakers. More than three speakers usually does not allow enough time to develop ideas fully. Keep this in mind when proposing panels of multiple speakers.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide powerpoint or A/V equipment to speakers.
  • Please note: speakers on submitted panels are expected to cover their own travel and lodging costs and register themselves to attend the conference. A limited number of need-based scholarships will be available. 

Socialism is built by the grassroots, and we will do everything possible to give expression to as many ideas and voices as possible. Final composition of all sessions is subject to S20 organizing committee. We seek to present a well-balanced program, with both political breadth and representation from oppressed groups. Because of this, not all proposals can be accommodated. All are, however, welcome to come to the conference and participate in discussions as attendees.